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Scheveningen Beach, Strand Noord 1



29th of June, 2024 from 12.00 – 23.00


Ticket-sale has started for Wonderland Festival Beach. Get your tickets here.

Group tickets are available in the ticketshop here. You can save up to 40 euro’s per group ticket order! 

Can i sell these tickets seperately on Ticketswap? 
– Yes, you can, they are seperate pdf file’s. You can upload them seperately.

Do we need to enter together or can we enter the event seperately?
– You can enter the event seperately. The benefit of this deal is when the deal is being purchased!

Upon arrival at The Hague Central Station, head to the tram station located just outside the station.


Take tram 3 and get off at Conradkade (zuid). Walk to tram stop Laan van Meerdervoort (Oost), take tram 11 and get off at Vuurbaakstraat. From there it will be a 9 minute walk to Strand Noord 1.

Or walk to take tram 1, get off at keizerstraat and from there it will be a 16 minute walk to Strand Noord 1.


Take bus 22 from the bus platform at The Hague Central Station and get off at Duinstraat. From there it will be a 12 minute walk to Strand Noord 1.

If you’re traveling by public transport, we advise planning your route via 9292.nl so you can consider any disruptions, canceled stops, and/or alternative routes due to construction works.

There will be only RETURN tickets available for shuttle buses pendeling from the event location to Den 
Haag Central Station starting from 21:00. Since in summertime there often is a lot of traffic during the day, we encourage our visitors to take public transport during the day to fasten your journey to Wonderland Festival Beach. Therefor there won’t be shuttle bus tickets available for the journey TO the Festival.

In two weeks it will be possible to buy touringcar tickets from different cities in the Netherlands to the Festival and back. These will be available mid january.

It is mandatory to apply your touringcar if you have organized your own touringcar journey instead of getting the Wonderland touringcar as mentioned on our website.

You can buy your locker tickets online here One day before the festival you will receive an email from the locker company with your locker number + pincode. There will also be plenty of lockers available at the festival.

You can pay with iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort, CreditCard and PayPal through our official ticket channel Eventix.

On the festival you can pay with tokens, these can be bought with cash and card.

 There will be a wide variety of food and drinks available at the festival. We’ve included vega(n), gluten free and dairy free options!

There will be various merchandise stands available on the festivals selling Wonderland Festival merch, hand fans, earplugs, sunglasses and much more!

All Wonderland Festival events are 18+. Make sure to bring your ID!

Travel To Wonderland

Scheveningen beach is quite easy to reach! Below are some options. Try to travel together as much as possible to save costs and make our ecological footprint smaller!

By Train

Upon arrival at Den Haag Centraal, head to the tram/bus station located just outside the station.

By Car

If you're arriving by car, try parking in one of the parking garages. There are NO parking spots available at the festival premises.

BY Bus / tram

From Den Haag Centraal, take tram 9 and get out at Kurhaus, or take Bus 22 and get out at Duinstraat.

BY touringcar

It is possible to travel by touring car! Read the instructions for this above.

By BIKE / scooter

If you live in The Hague, consider coming by bicycle and park in the designated area's.

By taxi / Kiss & Ride

Navigate to: Scheveningen Beach, Noorderstrand 1

shuttle bus (return)

There will be only RETURN tickets to go from the event location to Den Haag Central Station. There will be shuttle busses driving from the event location to Den Haag Central Station starting at 21:00.


We will collect all the lost and found items at our office. You can get in touch and recollect your lost item by sending an email to info@wonderlandfestival.nl


Yes please! Make sure to put the brightness of your phone on 100%.

No worries! You can find your ticket through this link: https://eventix.nl/search. Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: tickets@eventix.nl

There is no difference between the entrance tickets. We work in tiers. Early ticket buyers have more advantage regarding buying a ticket with a discount. The later you will buy your ticket, the more expensive it will be.

It is not possible to cancel your tickets. Choose a reliable platform to resell your ticket such as: www.ticketswap.nl or sell your ticket to your friends!

No worries, there will be a locker desk available at the festival. Make sure to show them your locker ticket and they will help you right away!

If the event can’t take place due to Covid-19, you can request a refund. 

Further instructions will be given through email, please wait patiently for this.

With an official doctor’s note it is permitted to bring your medication to the festival.

Yes, the festival is accessible for disabled people. We will make sure that the paths to every stage and facility are fully accessible. At every toilet area, there are disable toilet facilities. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help when needed!

Any other questions about the event? Please contact info@wonderlandfestival.nl

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us at info@wonderlandfestival.nl