Wonderland Festival CANCELED

Dear visitors of Wonderland Festival, 


On July 23rd and 24th, Wonderland Festival Outdoor would take place at a freshly renovated location: de Krabbeplas, at Vlaardingen. The municipality started a renovation project for the Krabbeplas to enhance the event site and it was scheduled to be completed in May. The contractor got the project but they have a big delay… Unfortunately due to the big delay the terrain will not be finished on time.


Together with State Forest service we found an alternative suitable location on the recreational area of this location. All stakeholders got together to investigate whether this location is suitable and can be used for a dance-event. Due to the delayed project development on the event site and other delayed projects around the lake, the municipality has issued a negative advice on the use of the recreational area for this purpose.


The last alternative offered from the municipality is considerably smaller. Even that much smaller that we can only set up 50% of our production and therefore 50% of the capacity. The usable festival site is becoming so small that we cannot organize a worthy festival. And definitely not with 4 stages, like planned. As a result, we cannot offer our visitors a high-quality festival and, even more importantly, we cannot guarantee the complete Wonderland experience. For these reasons, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the event. 


A refund will be done automatically through Eventix. You don’t need to do anything about this. 


Pay.nl will be refunding your ticket(s). It can take between 7-14 days, and you will receive the amount on the (bank) account that you have used upon buying your ticket(s).


<3 Wonderland Festival

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